My favorite Japanese beauty and fashion magazines

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07 /29 2020
My favorite Japanese beauty and fashion magazines

Japanese fashion and beauty magazines are like the Bible for local Japanese fashionistas. Japanese ladies love to follow them. And even though they have all the resources the internet offers for free they still buy paper magazines. This is because the Japanese love social proof to influence their buying decisions. And these beauty and fashion magazines are some of the most authoritative sources of that social proof. Another nice thing about these magazines is that they offer lots of expensive and beautiful freebies, like makeup pouches, free creams, makeup samplers, brushes, etc. Japanese beauty and fashion magazines really have a large and dedicated following in the English-speaking world. Those people who have access to them often share them in the form of scans with other, less fortunate, individuals. And you don't need to know Japanese to be able to enjoy them because they are always picture-heavy. Here are my favorite publications.



Maquia is a popular Japanese magazine about makeup and beauty products and nail polishes.

It caters for young fashionable women in their 20s and 30s, including elegant office ladies.

It has beauty product reviews, step by step makeup tutorials, and lots of pictures. And, of course, lots of beauty product ads.

By the way, maquia is the Japanese word for makeup, which comes from the French word maquillage that also means makeup.

This magazine often gives away beauty products and tools, such as cream samplers and makeup brushes. Very nice freebies to be honest.



Biteki is the Japanese word for beauty. This magazine is another publication for young women in their 20s and 30s who want to look fashionable and beautiful.

Biteki magazine mostly writes about beauty and makeup products, hair care products, nail polish products, skincare routines.

It also publishes extensive yearly catalogs of the most popular and best new releases in the makeup, nails, and beauty world.

Some popular brands of cosmetics that Biteki likes to mention often on its pages are, of course, the Japanese makeup giant Shiseido, and French beauty and fashion brands popular in Japan, like L'Occitane, Lancome, Chanel.



Sweet is my favorite fashion magazine. It's a fashion publication, again, for young women in their 20s and 30s.

Sweet creates fun and stylish outfits and features interesting and emerging local Japanese brands.

Of course, it also writes about beauty products and features them in its ads.

Sweet often attaches lovely freebies. These freebies are really great! You can even find large cosmetic bags featuring Hello Kitty there. These products would have cost much more than this magazine if you bought them separately.



Classy is a fashion magazine for young women in their 20s and 30s who love to dress in an elegant and classy manner, hence the name.

In fact, it's a magazine for office ladies. That means it caters for women who work, as opposed to women who are stay-at-home moms.

So it mostly consists of photos and ads with fashion and makeup suitable for wearing to the office.

All the fashion and beauty items featured in this magazine are elegant and modest and the colors are mostly black, coffee, cream, grey, etc.


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